9/14/20 Weekly Update

Personal and Lifework site structures and copy are now up to date. Created http://bpdaware.com/ but did not plan or complete first post like we had hoped. Also did not complete the first treasure hunt or integrating Campaignzee with Valunicorn. Just created a Trello board so that we can break these stories down further and will start using a time tracker this week.

First BPD Aware Post

Let's split this into a few stories.

  • Fix blog page formatting
  • Write first post on awareness. Can be first of many. Get into this rhythm of doing research and writing about it casually.
  • Can do outreach as part of first post, emailing people mentioned.

First Treasure Hunt

Will make at least one rough draft this week for practice. Planning on taking a few weeks though and playing with ideas.

Valunicorn + Campaignzee

Have had a hard time committing to idea of newsletter subscription. The project is intended to be boring and low volume but that makes it hard to justify payment or gaurantee regular content. Don't know whether site with traditional auth / pay wall would work better. Also not sure how to incorporate options visualization from last week, whether it should be bundled with Valunicorn. Will give it some more thought.